Each installation for North America (USA and Canada) is subject to precise federal, state and local disposition, defined and subjected at the different governmental association for each State.

A list of non-governmental association defines the specific requirements for each area, collected into codes that yearly are overhauled.

All the products and the regulated systems that are part of these categories have to respect the requirements.

The requirements regard any type of installation and can be supported by some more specific for particular products or installations.

To guarantee the respect of those requirements, the different standardization agencies in USA and Canada defines the standards (specific for the different product areas) whose respect guarantees the conformity to the standards requested.

The standardization agencies we have : for U.S.A.: UL (Underwriter Laboratories) and for Canada: CSA (Canadian Standard Association).

The local authorities verifies that any electrical installation, before its start up, accords to the standards.

However, for the inspectors of the local authorities where the product is installed, it is not easy to thoroughly verify and foreseen to effectuate tests that could damage the product.

For that reason the National norm prescribes that the products have to be tested and valued first by specialized certification agencies.

During their controls, the local authority inspectors leverages on those certification marks.

The certification agencies accredited in U.S.A. and Canada verifies that the product requirements and standards respect the technical norms and they affix a trademark who shows the safety of the product.

In U.S.A. and Canada the standardization agencies have the same name of the standard corporation, that could cause confusion.

In reality the standard corporation and the standardization agencies are independent and any acknowledged laboratory can verify the conformity of the products.

TECHCAB S.R.L., part of RIGHI GROUP S.P.A. , builds electrical cabinets UL standard compliant .

In order to realize an UL/CSA standards electrical cabinet it is not enough to use UL/CSA components: also the interactions between equipments have to be UL/CSA conform as well as the final tests made in its availment place.

To obtain a positive test on site it is strictly necessary a correct design in line with the standards.

TECHCAB S.R.L., part of RIGHI GROUP S.P.A., can apply the UL/CSA mark on its electrical cabinets, coordinating its activity with the standard agency, by taking responsibility to realize all the necessary activities.

TECHCAB S.R.L. chose to adopt these skills in order to purpose itself as a qualified supplier for companies that operate in USA and Canada business, to satisfy a request that seems to keep on growing up.

TECHCAB S.R.L supplies also MCC electrical cabinets, UL 845 standard conform.