Many different applications have been designed by TECHCAB S.R.L. concerning cardboard boxes, films.

TECHCAB S.R.L. solved many problems concerning the automation of traditional palletizing plants and flex isles based on anthropomorphic robots plants gripping head equipped.

A palletizing plant automation normally includes: transportat control, rack up, product buffer, roller conveyor, shuttle, demoulder, pallet and many other services that guarantee the correct operation of the plant, TECHCAB S.R.L. has the necessary expertise to face those issues.


Thanks to the experiences faced on filling, packaging and palletizing fields, TECHCAB S.R.L. is specialized on transport plant automation: bottles, bricks, packages, boxes, crates, burdens, empty pallets, full pallets by bearing the realization of: tapes, double ways, diverters, rack up, pallets without pressure, product buffer, pallet exfoliator, roller conveyor, shuttle and all the services necessary.

Concerning the operator interface TECHCAB S.R.L. realizes many solutions as: alphanumeric panels, and control stations based on the most common SCADA software.


On the most considerable applications realized by TECHCAB S.R.L. figures: tray forming, cardboard forming, trayers, basketers, packers, bundlers, straw applicators, basket stackers, strapping tool, wrapping machines.

All those experiences contributed to TECHCAB S.R.L. know-how increasing.

TECHCAB S.R.L. purpose to its customers the most adequate and forefront technology solutions.