TECHCAB S.R.L. is strongly specialized on motion control applications by solving problems as:

  • positioning
  • flight tracking
  • electrical shaft axes syncro
  • cam profile axes syncro
  • interpolated axes

TECHCAB S.R.L. invested huge resources to reach a great knowledge of SIMOTION, the ultimate product that SIEMENS S.P.A. presented on automation components business in motion control area in C version (stand alone solution), D version (drive integrated solution) and P (PC based solution).

An example is the software we realize for hot labels serigraphic line, for our customer CARTES S.R.L.:

  • hot stamping labels
  • serigraphic stamping
  • flexo stamping


These machines are able to correct the possible gap irregularities detected on pre-printed materials, and guarantees the maximum precision of 0.02 mm at the maximum speed 70m/min for GT series and 150m/min for GE series).

The machines are composed by many modular units sortable and cofigurable to customer choice (serigraphic stamping, 1 from 3 foil hot stamping, flexo stamping, flat-bed die-cutting, semirotary die-cutting, laser converting), these characteristics imposed to study and realize different modular electrical cabinets and a software that recognize the whole possible configuration variants and able to execute the related parts of the program. The hardware in use is SIEMENS: simotion-D axes control and S120 Sinamics drivers; by choosing these components it has been possible to realize a low energy waste, exploiting a 600Vdc bus for motor pilot drive supply (a motor, in acceleration phase, can exploit the energy produced by another motor in deceleration). On the most performing machine we have a 40kW power installed and a less than 10kW energy waste at maximum regime. Thanks to the implementation of security systems as STO (Safe Tourque Off), SS1 (Safe Stop), SBC (Safe Brake Control) and SLS (Safety Limited Speed) we have a strong safety of the operator and an high safety guaranteed during the production phases. Each unit is equipped of a touch screen control panel to facilitate the regulation of all the parameters.

High precision at high speed is possible by the recalculation of all the cams that manage the motors (on a medium size machine there are 30 motors) and by using a photocell to read the distance between two continuous notches printed provides the possibility to correct our movement profiles to point the stamping in the definite position.